Full Version: Reporting Issues after the upgrade
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Please report any issues you find here.

Do note that missing features is very likely due to the fact that all plugins are disabled for the time being. We are mostly looking for the following:
  • Layout issues
  • Fatal/internal error pages
Even if it doesn't have any of the above, report it anyway.

Also, now that the software is upgraded we can continue work on the theme. Thanks for your patience guys.
The alerts are in the dropdown menu, the message button on profiles doesnt work, and the dropdown menus dont work on profiles either.

The pictures are really big at the bottom of the home page where it says "recent activity"
Yes we've moved the alerts back to it's original place in the dev theme. I'll have one of the other admins fix it in the live theme, don't have time to do it right now. Same situation with the recent activity, it was reset to default style when we reactivated the plugin.

Dropdowns working on profiles has been fixed in the dev theme as well.

, can you fix the issues with the live theme?