SurvivalCraft-First game I ever paid for
Jan 22nd 2016, 2:25 AM
Minecraft got some competition because Survivalcraft is prob. the next best thing, in my opinion. Its on the Windows store for about $4.99 thats cheaper than minecraft but it got so much more to offer like a lot more animals, more ores realistic explosions, complex electronic system, etc. And when I mean complex as in you basically teach yourself programing by the time your finished building your third semi-automated house. I`ve been building a house the the game and it took me about 5 months to build it in creative mode and it probably has over a million blocks placed if the count the wires, and the electrical logic gates.
   I`m adding new features like to ignore a signal from the light sensors to close the door if its already closed by making a new mini-system that connects to the old one, it going to recognize if the door is open or closed and only allow certain "electrical command" to work.Besides from that I`m reprogramming old electrical systems because in the last update bought a lot of changes to how logic gate are placed and how light reacts to certain currents, etc.The game also has moon phases, lightening, sharks, whales, fishes, lion, camel, cows, birds, and a lot of other animal that roam the land, air, and in the sea. Some are friendly some are not, others will hunt you down and you can't run forever cause you have to sleep, eat and stamina can be your worst enemy when you find yourself tired after swimming from a skol of piranhas and you start to drown.
   Surviving all the dangers and live long enough to make a house is worth it but you still have to mine and farm for not only minerals and food but cotton to make clothes or you`ll prob. freeze to death unless you live in a desert. Theres a lot of neat lil things about the game that I love and its on android, ios, and windows 10, I play it on Win10 get the around 57 fps max, when im programing something and i have to run multiple electrical pulses through the system while the time of day is changing at max render range it can sometimes drop down to 20.6fps but thats the lowest i`ve gotten.
I`m planning on making more post like this and maybe even videos showing how my house runs itself. it even has motion sensors that can trigger the alarm system.

I`m sleepy af so excuse any conjunction errors I made.
Jan 23rd 2016, 12:21 AM
no, you should try the Demo version.
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