Warframe Revival: Loot in a Post-Destiny World.
Feb 29th 2016, 2:31 PM

To be clear, I'm looking forward most to jumping into the Division, but I wanted a loot fix until then, and I'm burned out on Destiny, so I thought I'd fire up Warframe.

I'd played it once before but found the movement clunky, and the mechanics of it, and loot, crafting, questing, leveling, and everything else to be really impenetrable.

THIS time, I got my wiki on, and watched some 'tube, before giving up.

I was wrong about the movement. It's epic. They're not joking when they talk about ninja's in space, and wether you want guns, pistols, bows, swords, bo staff, nunchucks, throwing knives, whips, flamethrowers... the list goes on... whatever you want, they've got something for you.

The free to play model is reasonably (as in fair) grindy, but you can totally have a blast, and not spend money that's otherwise tied up in a pre-order. Wink

If any of my Destiny/Division crew are keen, I'd take a look. MIght be interesting tide over til March 8, and maybe a good breather game.

Keen to hook up with any existing players - I'm still learning.
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Jun 2015
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Dec 2014
graphic designer .
you should get it on pc. way better on there and way active community
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Aug 2015
fuck is warframe?
Warframe Revival: Loot in a Post-Destiny World.
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