Announcement Streamer Sponsorship: guidelines and how to join
this is a very new system, we'll update this soon. we'll be touching up the stream listing and stream pages soon

We want to help you get started with your Twitch channel. Partner with GamingHQ and have your stream featured on the front page and Streams page for tons of active members to see to come and watch and grow your stream. Special Perks and tag on the forum for members to see and recognize, and a vouch for a revamp for your stream. It's free and it always will be.

Only verified accounts can add their streams. To become verified, message any of the following people and we'll get right on it. This is to keep low quality and low effort entries to a minimum.
@ajax @Vendetta @entity

  • Have your stream promoted on the front page for guaranteed viewers and growth!
  • Special and unique streamer tag on the forum which comes with special perks
  • By request you can have a revamp of your current stream design (profile picture, cover, offline etc) done by a professional (If not used you will still have one free vouch for a revamp during our sponsorship). This offer doesn't expire, so you can claim it whenever you want.

  • Must use the image provided in your description of stream. This helps both of us. Our service is free, and this is all we ask for you to do in return.
  • Mass promoting your stream on our forum is considered spam. You are welcome to promote your stream on your profile or in an appropriate forum thread. You're also free to reply to your entry in our Stream database, this will bump it up to the top of the discussions for everyone to see.
  • Your presence on the forum is needed. Don't join just to drop your name and then leave. You don't have to visit all the time, just drop in and have a look around every so often.
  • If you remove our image from your bio without notice, we'll consider that as you saying you don't want to be sponsored anymore.
  • When you go live, be sure to reply to your stream comments so your stream gets bumped to the first position.
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