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Sep 15th 2015, 9:55 AM Edited
Name: thelautyPvP

Why want to work for GHQ: I want to work for GHQ is because i think GHQ is a good server, it obvious leads me to think about that GHQ will be a very good server in the feature so i want to help the server to be more better. According to the posts and comments from this peopels in this server website I found out that this server is full of hard working people that is perfect to work with me.

Age: 16

Gmail: mineplexhelper@gmail.com

What will I do if i become mod: I will help updating and developing the forums, make sure rules are followed, guide new comers and build structures in the server to make it better.

Timezone: Taiwan

Previous experience: A staff from myfriends previous server.
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Sep 2015
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Dec 2014
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As previously mentioned, moderator's need to be dedicated community members. A moderator should contribute as much as normal members, and then some. They should know how to use most website and server features so they can help new members.

I'm sorry but anyone can say "I will help do X, I will also do Y". As Cryptonion said, "instead of saying it, try to show it.".

Moderator is a position with a lot of responsibility - think of it as a police officer. They don't hand out police badges to anyone who wants one, they have to prove they're dedicated, trained, and trustworthy.

If you're really interested in becoming a moderator, follow these three guidelines and you will prove to the staff team that you're ready for the position.
  • Dedication: Right now it sounds like you only want to be a part of the community if you can be a moderator. If you contribute, post frequently, help out, and have an active presence in the community, it will show us that you are dedicated.
  • Trained: If we gave you a moderator position right now, you'd probably ask other people how to perform certain tasks (changing forum profile details, cover photo, moderating a post, etc). Hang around the community long enough, talk to staff members, and you will know about these tasks and you will be trained.
  • Trust: We don't know who you are, where you came from, and we have no reason to trust you as a staff member. Post an introduction in the Spawn Area, fill out your profile, let us know who you are 263a. The staff team works a lot on trust, every time we promote someone to a staff position, it means they have earned our trust.
Once those three requirements are met, we will accept you into the staff team.

Application denied - please thoroughly read the rest of the post above.

Locked. Please send me a PM if you have any questions about what I posted.