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Hello :)
Sep 16th 2015, 2:20 AM
Hello, I am Austin, I played minecraft for almost 4 years. My best subject in minecraft is building, these years i have been discovering a lot of buildings, decorations and structures in servers. I am a very nice person that can be trusted, I applied for staff but unfortunately no one wants me to be a staff, that's ok! I live in Taiwan. I am very excited to work for GHQ and work fore GHQ, hope all the staff members and members like me!
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Sep 2015
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Jul 2015
I swear, if someone starts to do my job, I'll scream. But that's just me!
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Hello Austin!

I wouldn't say no ones wants you to be be staff, if fact I explained to you why you weren't accepted, also.

But welcome to the site!