MMO etiquette?
So a friend and me were talking and the subject turned into things that we hate about MMO games and it made me think...

For example, what are your views on looting systems like need/greed, and when you should choose one of them?

And then there are the people who steal an objective while youre fighting the mobs near it, or steal a loot chest while youre fighting mobs. Some quest objectives dont let you interact while youre in combat, so youre forced into fighting the mobs only to have some douche steal it.

I just thought Id try to liven up the place and start a new thread 263a
A game that can be won without a pay wall is a good game. Especially mmos
vs the world
Is the division any good
Quote:and when you should choose one of them?
They're called "need" and "greed" for a reason.

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