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Guide on making a Staff Application
Mar 13th 2015, 3:57 AM Edited

You can't apply for a specific position unless we're actively seeking people to fill that roll. All regular application-approved staff members start out as a Helper and progress from there.
The basic promotion flow is: Helper > Moderator > Senior Moderator > Admin

You need at least 100 posts in order to create an application, but exceptions can be made in some cases. If you've just joined the community recently, don't bother with an application -- we look for high activity and knowledge of the community in all of the applications.

If you are young (14-) I do not recommend applying. Why? cause I notice with younger moderators that instead of doing their job, they tend to act the "Alpha Male" to act cool, the "I'm higher than you, obey me" Aye, they have to obey you, but being a good moderator is showing your equal to them. That's what you call a good moderator. Mature people most times don't act so highly, which gives you a higher chance of being accepted.

We don't accept applications left and right, cause we need mature people to moderate our forum, a caregiver. So I need to see trust to shine through your application. If you can't find anyone to relate to, relate to me. When I was younger I'd apply for forums and servers all the time and get declined all the time. I'd always find them twats for denying me but now I understand. Oh, if you're gonna lie about your age, trust me, don't. Since being one of those people in the past, it shines right through, and a ton too. You'd just get declined. If you are pretty old but act like a 12 year old, you wouldn't be much use to us, if you know what I mean. Admitting your age and being mature about it will give you a higher chance of being accepted.


We don't currently require you Skype/TeamSpeak  to become a member of the staff team. Putting one of them in your application will just show you didn't read this guide properly, and get you denied most likely without good reason.

Use color & format in your application! using color & format will make it more pleasing and easier to read, thus boosting your chances.

For applying the first time, you are applying for staff assistant or helper (Helper is minecraft and assistant is forum, but if your applying for both, say so.).


Be active. If you read the notice in the board, you need a minimum 100 posts, or you will be instantly denied. But I recommend having 200-500+ posts first boosting thus chances. If you're just applying for minecraft, be active on it, otherwise members of the server will notice and say you are not active on the server. Leading to a deny most likely.

Oh and use a format mate, If you want to be accepted.
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