Rebuilding GamingHQ, Christmas design, and 2nd year anniversary
So the community is basically dead. We've dismissed a couple staff members because they're no longer active. We were slowly losing activity ever since the hype of the minecraft server died out, and now that project is completely gone. Ajax and myself have discussed a 3rd attempt at one but agreed that for right now it's a good idea to focus on the forum. We have halted all work on Xero in favor of a new project which we're making progress on. The live theme will not be updated, Xero may be updated into a "classic" forum feel as the new project has a more "social media" approach.

I mentioned us dismissing several staff members, so that would normally mean we have an opening, but with the community being dead that's not the case. We will eventually need to fill their roles though.

The current plan is simple: design > features > users. We want to focus on the design, then add/change some features, then we'll work on building up activity.
Drop top BM's, I'm the man girlfriend
_blaze is gonna come back and bitch about being demoted, you wait and see
We will be redoing our staff policies soon.
Drop top BM's, I'm the man girlfriend
This post has been deleted.
MC is a shit game, don't bother, the only kind of activity you'll get from it is 12 year olds

All in all good changes, glad you guys haven't given up

Also, the reply box that comes up is blocking comments which makes it hard to reply to them
We're not planning on going anywhere, just renewed the domain until 2017.

maybe because you're in a beta theme? We'll get that fixed, but for now you can just quote the reply and read it from the textbox.
Drop top BM's, I'm the man girlfriend

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