Community Guidelines [12/27/16]
Normally this would be listed on our about page, but for easy editing and contribution from our entire staff team, we're putting it here.

Our guidelines are divided into a couple sections for easier moderation and better clarity.
  • Core guidelines must be followed by everyone, including team members, and usually have little to no slack for violations. Denoted by 3 asterisks (***).
  • Community guidelines are to keep the place from turning into Tumblr and to improve everyone's experience here. Denoted by 1 asterisk (*).
  • Minor guidelines are more of suggestions which are not often enforced by action. No denotation.

There is no concrete "break rule x, receive punishment y" because it would become really hard to keep track of. Instead, our team members are encouraged to use their own judgement (which is why we have our own special team guidelines) when doing their jobs. Also, we have a warning system in use which targets repeat offenders, resulting in a ban once you reach a threshold of warning points. Warning points eventually expire after their set dates, however, points issued by admins do not expire.

If you think you've witnessed staff abuse, please contact @ajax or send us an email at:

Your Account

1. Using a disposable email ***
If you don't know what this is, you're not who we're targeting with this rule anyway. This is strictly enforced because for one, these typically expire and you risk becoming permanently locked out of your account. And also because of how much this is abused by spammers. We automatically add the email domain of banned members to our blacklist, and should this become a bigger issue we'll switch from the blacklist to a whitelist (only allowing services like gmail and yahoo.)

2. Signing up to advertise *
We love promoting content creators, we even have a page for this. Don't sign up if you plan on advertising something unrelated (a forum, for example) and then ghost us. Unfortunately this is a grey area for us, so we'll handle this case-by-case.

3. Using more than one account
Privacy is very important to us, but if people are abusive with multiple accounts we'll have to begin blocking proxies and VPNs.

Your part in the community

4. Spamming ***
We won't go easy on you for this. Repeatedly posting low quality content, spam tagging other people, and posting the same thing all count as spam. A staff member will let you know if your content is breaking this rule and you'll be given a chance to stop.

5. Posting anything that's illegal ***
Come on, not even 4chan allows this sort of shit.

6. NSFW Content *
You're free to post NSFW content if it's either in an NSFW section or tagged as such in the gallery. Anywhere else and you'll be warned. It's NSFW if it shows nudity or is sexually suggestive. This means NSFW profile photos and cover photos aren't allowed.

7. Harassment ***
There's a line between giving someone shit and harassing them, don't cross that line. If you're sending someone harassing messages your account will be investigated by an admin and those messages will be visible.

8. Advertising ***
We love promoting content creators, if you'd like to share your Twitch/YouTube or other personal account we have a place to do that. But you'll be banned if you advertise another community (e.g., a subreddit, forum, or Discord) without permission from a team member.

9. Backseat moderating
Trying to enforce the rules yourself just causes trouble, instead you should report whatever/whoever is causing trouble.

Things we have absolute zero tolerance for

Doxing, threatening to dox, or posting a dox ***

Threatening to DDOS our community or a member of our community ***

For right now that's all. As the community grows new guidelines will be added as needed.
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