Account Security and you
I'll be talking about how you can improve your security, and how we're taking steps to improve your security. Security isn't simply achieved, it's a process. Nothing is 100% safe, it's always ongoing. And we're always working to keep your data safe.

How can you improve security?
  •  Don't reuse passwords. Sure, you might have a really good password for accounts you care about, but we can't do anything about how other sites handle passwords. For example, 000webhost stored millions of passwords in plaintext. You may feel this is really inconvenient to remember a password for every site, but you don't have to, use Keepass to store all of your passwords.
  • Use a strong password. Keepass can generate a password for you with whatever settings you want. "vzjYz*#b7^s%+m2knvu9" is the kind of password you should be using.
  • Check your account sessions to see if your account is being used by someone other than you.
  • Make sure you always have access to your email, and don't use disposable emails. You can always change your email provided you can still use your registration email. The only way you can get back into your account is by resetting your password through the email you have listed for your account.
How are we improving security?

  • We don't store your passwords, we store a hash of your password. And we're using one of the best methods possible, bcrypt.
  • We require a captcha on every login to make it difficult for attackers.
  • We offer 2 Factor Auth for all accounts, and require it for Team Members.
  • Whenever an account is accessed (or a failed attempt is made), it's logged and available for our admins to view.
We'll continue to add new layers of security as the community grows and new issues are presented.
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