SWTOR Starter Guide
So you're probably new and are feeling overwhelmed at the amount of bits and pieces to learn? Don't worry, I was there and know how you feel, that's why I'm making this post 1f601

I'll go over the basics, so if you're a veteran, you'll probably find this post very boring (heck, even a new player might find this boring).

---- Deciding on a class ----

There are 8 classes, each one has 2 advanced class, so there are effectively 16 classes to play. Exciting!


Trooper -> Vanguard (Tank, DPS) /  Commando (DPS, Healer)
Smuggler -> Scoundrel (DPS, Healer) / Gunslinger (DPS, DPS)
Jedi Consular -> Shadow (Tank, DPS) / Sage (DPS, Healer)
Jedi Knight -> Guardian (Tank, DPS) / Sentinel (DPS, DPS)

-- EMPIRE --

Bounty Hunter -> Powertech (Tank, DPS) / Mercenary (DPS, Healer)
Imperial Agent -> Sniper (DPS, DPS) / Operative (DPS, Healer)
Sith Warrior -> Juggernaut (Tank, DPS) / Marauder (DPS, DPS)
Sith Inquisitor -> Assassin (DPS, Tank) / Sorcerer (DPS, Healer)

---- Beginning your journey ----

After you make your character and land on your starting planet, here are a few things you should do

- Check out your map (M)
- Familiarize yourself with your abilities, learn which number to press for which ability
- Make sure you like everything about your character, because changing things later will cost Cartel Coins (real money)

-- Some things to remember while you progress --

- Always locate and activate quick travel points, these are SUPER helpful, especially on end-game planets
- Make sure you're geared properly for whatever planet you're on
- Pick up every mission you come across - dropping them is easy, returning to pick it up takes much more time
- Sell any gear you don't need, this is GREAT for making credits!
- Don't select "Need" when you don't need the item, this makes other people very angry.

---- That's all, for now ----

I'll add more soon, and make better points

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