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Hello, Gamers.
Aug 11th 2015, 2:58 AM
Hey all,

Im RageMc, or Ben, if you like. Well if Ben is too plain and short for your vocabulary I also go by Benny, Benji or as my friends call me, Benjafanny. Cool right?

You'll probably see me change my screen name often, or even my Minecraft name. Yeah I get bored pretty easily and am always keen on a fresh look.
So as you now know I play Minecraft. Have been since 1.2.4, 3 years ago. I your typical Factions PvP player. But Minecraft isn't all I'm into... Heard of Battlefield 4? Yeah i beast that shit up. If you play on Playstation 3 and have an active PsN and want to team up for a few games, Pm me on the forums and ill be happy you add you.

But lets talk about why I'm here;
I your new System Administrator! A new member of staff! I've been added to your staff list by Ajax, a good friend from an old Minecraft server. Ill probably be seen a lot on the Minecraft server configuring plugins, permissions and whatever else. Pretty excited as its a position I'm capable of doing, something i enjoy too.

Hope to see you all around an get to chat with a few of you. Sorry to keep this short, but I've paused a game for this.

Peace, all.
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Aug 2015
Mintaaaa - RageMc   >263a
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Mar 2015
Benjafanny... lol

hey its better than my nickname, JizLiz
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Aug 2015
Mintaaaa - RageMc   >263a
(Aug 11th 2015, 2:43 PM)Liz Wrote: Benjafanny... lol

hey its better than my nickname, JizLiz
Mmmm JizLiz... Love it! hahaha