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pixel's Minecraft Application
Sep 29th 2015, 7:24 PM Edited
Hi! I'm applying to be a staff member on the Minecraft server  /koala

IGN: _pixels
Age: 16
Gender: female
Previous experience: mod on a couple factions servers
How I will help: I'll make sure nobody is using mods such as xray or kill aura and I'll help out new players and answer questions
Why should I be staff: ^
Can I record?: Yes
Can I voice chat?: Yes
Timezone: Est GMT-5

Let me know if you have any questions 263a
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Sep 2015
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GamingHQ Lead Administrator
Dec 2014
Drop top BM's, I'm the man girlfriend

While your application does look good and is detailed, I see one problem with it, one that we've been seeing a lot lately. Someone new joining and applying for staff right away. There isn't a problem with wanting to be staff, but the fact that you're new here raises some concerns.

We need to know that you'll be dedicated to the position, we need moderators who are active in the community.

Here's what you can do to get accepted later in the future:
- Post actively
- Have a presence in the community
- Let us know we can trust you

Until then I'm afraid we'll have to deny your application.
Application denied
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Aug 2015
Mintaaaa - RageMc   >263a
I don't think previous experience matters. There is no way you can prove your experience unless you've been noticed on the server and forums. This is also why we have trial mod. Anyone can just come on and say they've been admin and mods on all sorts of servers. Guess what, they're all apparently closed to due to financial problems hey? This does not count. We want to see potential in people who submit applications. People who dedicate their time and knowledgeable effort into their application. This doesn't just stand for you, but for the rest of the players who wish to submit applications. Good luck in the future 263a
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GamingHQ Staff Leader
Dec 2014
graphic designer .
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Jul 2015
I swear, if someone starts to do my job, I'll scream. But that's just me!
|-|Ban Appeal/Discussion|-|Me|-|
Like my post if I helped!

One last thing, use the format, please.

Also, here's a guide to applying for staff.

I recommend checking that out.
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Jul 2015
tbh, shouldnt there be a like assistant or a trial mod for the minecraft forum? so she just has it but no commands.

Just a idea